Friday, September 19, 2008

Quick Look: Psalm 86:11

Quickly, Psalm 86:11 (TM) in four parts:
  • Teach me Your way
  • I will walk in Your truth
  • Unite my heart
  • to fear Your name
Teach me Your way

  • I'm open to what You want to teach me, Lord
  • You might use multiple sources - scripture, prayer, people, circumstance
I will walk in Your truth
  • this phrase supplies the why of the teaching
  • it's like "Teach me Your way so that I can walk in Your truth"
  • I think it also shows a willingness and an intention to do that
Unite my heart
  • NIV says "...Give me an undivided heart..."
  • the undivided heart, like the single eye of the KJV Mt 6:22, gives us a crucial ability, as seen in...
To fear Your name
  • ... the ability to correctly regard the Lord
  • fear - awe, proper respect
  • look at what this did for Isaiah in Is 6 (TM) - it pulled things into sharp focus
  • this is the result of grace, not really achievable on our own, and it puts our heads and hearts into a place able to have the relationship desired by the Lord

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