Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blue Parakeet: How, Then?

Continuing in chapter one, Scot gets to a really meaty question: "How, then, are we to live out the Bible today?"

He ties it into relationships, and I think that's crucial. It's a lot easier to be mean, to be a hater, to solo off into some weird doctrinal smackdown of somebody else (somebody Jesus, by the way, died for) when you're not with them.

It's a lot simpler to love being right all the time when you don't have to deal with the carnage your ideology causes in someone else's life. It's a whole lot more fun to think that the answers you've arrived at are obvious.

Scot reminds us that this isn't very often the case. He tells the story of one his students asking a difficult question, and it's easy to see that Scot cares about the student more than he cares about having a snappy comeback, or winning an argument. I like the way he says, "I'm open!"

Next, chapter two.

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