Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blue Parakeet: One More Thing About Chapter One

In the next to last paragraph of chapter one, having related several examples of a different person seeing a given scripture differently, Scot says this:

By such personal encounters we are driven to think aloud about what we believe, we are driven to think more carefully about what we think, we are driven back to the Bible and how we read it...
That quote really disturbed me, and here's why: way too often, maybe it's even the default, but it would be really hard for most of us to characterize an encounter with someone carrying a significantly different idea or viewpoint as personal, in fact, the person disappears completely, and we found ourselves dealing only with the idea.

This is the opposite of what we talked about earlier today. I think Jesus prefers us to engage with people, not shadow-box with ideas. What do you think?

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