Tuesday, October 10, 2006

One more time about treasure in heaven

This business about coin seems so apt, so crucial.

Say you just came across something that turned your world upside down. It's so exciting; it's so fascinating. It's just what you'd love to devote all your free time to. If it makes you happy, it must be the thing you ought to do, right?

Sometimes we feel that any pretty little thing that catches our eye is put there by God Himself. That's not necessarily true. We have a theology of open doors that goes right along with that. We think that any opportunity must be a divine appointment. That's not necessarily true, either.

American culture tells us that the greatest good is to "follow our dreams." Anything might be sacrificed to facilitate this one thing. Think of it: you might sacrifice anything for a sufficiently amazing outcome.

And you might be throwing away your chance to lay up treasure in heaven.

It's a matter of opportunity cost.

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