Wednesday, October 04, 2006

1 Tim 4:6-16 Outline for Sunday 8 Oct

Here's an outline for this week's scripture. You can always click TM for the passage in The Message .

  • 6 You've had the advantage of being raised in the faith ( God-given ) and received sound teaching: pass it on.
  • 7 Don't stray off into foolishness ( 1 Tim 1:6 ) TM , but concentrate on becoming more godly.
    • A. In terms of service, and doing things, we concentrate on others, but in terms of criticism, or speculations, we must concentrate on ourselves
    • B. Tend to your own knitting
    • C. John 21:21-22 TM
  • 8. Working out your body is okay
    • A. Working out your spirit towards a disciplined life is good for everything
    • B. It's of benefit in this life and the next
  • 9. This is a faithful (God-given) statement and you can count on it.
  • 10. This is why we're so invested, so insistent: we are totally counting on the living God, who is the savior of all, especially believers.
  • 11. Publish this. Insist on it.
  • 12. Don't be handicapped or pre-judged by your youth. Demonstrate the truth that lives in you by:
    • A. word – what you say – James 1:26 TM
    • B. conduct – what you do -
    • C. love 1 Cor 13 TM – putting others first
    • D. spirit – attitude – how you go about what you say and do
    • E. faith – ( God-given ) – how you stick with what God has given/shown you
    • F. purity – walk what you talk – this only happens as God makes changes in you
  • 13. Hang in there
    • A. reading Scripture
    • B. giving counsel/exhorting/encouraging
    • C. teaching/explaining – we always have a reason that is demonstrable from the Bible
  • 14. The gift in you
    • A. recognized and acknowledged by others
    • B. don't neglect it even if you're not always able to use it
    • C. keep it limbered up
  • 15. Think about these things
    • A. Give yourself entirely to them
    • B. Your progress will be evident to all
  • 16. Hang in there with a firm grip both on your character and what you teach – stay focused
    • A. It will lead to both salvation in you and those you influence

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