Monday, October 30, 2006

Isaiah 1:2-4, 10-20 Outline for 5 November 2006

Here's an outline for this week's scripture. You can always click TM for the passage in The Message .

  • 2. Listen up! The Lord says, "I brought up children and they have rebelled against me."
  • 3. "Animals know their master, but not my people."
  • 4. This whole group is guilty and corrupt. They have turned their backs on the Lord.
  • 10. You're as sinful as Sodom and Gomorrah. Listen to the word of the Lord. Measure yourself against the law.
  • 11. "I'm not into all these offerings you bring to try and buy me off. It doesn't do anything for me."
  • 12. "You come before me, but not when I've called you."
  • 13. "Don't try to bribe me with an offering. You're not even in the ballpark."
  • 14. "All your ritual is pathetic. It's a pain."
  • 15. "When you reach out to me, praying for something, I'm going to deliberately not see you, even if you pray and pray and pray. You're hands are bloody; you're in the wrong; you're guilty."
  • 16. "Clean that up! Deal with those things correctly. Get forgiven, and really repent; turn away from your evil deeds."
  • 17. "Learn to do the right thing and do it. Love justice. Take up for the weak."
  • 18. "Let's talk this through. Though you are as guilty as can be, you don't have to remain that way. You can be guilt-free."
  • 19. "If you have the right attitude and obey me, you will have it good."
  • 20. "But if you fight me and rebel, you'll be destroyed."

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