Thursday, November 09, 2006

Isaiah 8:18 - 9:7 Outline for 12 November

Here's an outline for this week's scripture. You can always click TM for the passage in The Message .

  • 8:18 We are signs and symbols in our place
  • 8:19 Why ask dead people, or try some tricky device for getting at the truth? Ask God.
  • 8:20 No other source of information is any good.
  • 8:21 Resultless yet hungry for results, they will try one thing after another. When they are really starving for results, they will blame all authority over them.
  • 8:22 They will look around again, and find no hope, and they will just be stuck.
  • 9:1 No more gloom for those who've been hurting.
  • 9:2 Those walking in the dark have seen a great light. For those living in the valley of the shadow of death, it's like a light has dawned.
  • 9:3 God, you have created joy.
  • 9:4 This joy comes from your removal of the yoke that enslaves them, the bar across their shoulders, and the rod that punishes them unfairly, an impossible victory, just like Gideon's defeat of the Midianites.
  • 9:5 All implements of war will be collected and burned, no longer needed.
  • 9:6 Why? Because we've been given God's son, his child has been born to us, and this child will take care of us, judging us fairly. He will be called Wonderful Counselor, being the very word of life, Mighty God, being the express image of God, Everlasting Father, having the heart of a father, and Prince of Peace, as just his presence brings storms into submission.
  • 9:7 It will just get better and better. It's the Lord's enthusiasm for taking care of us, his enthusiasm for justice, that will get this done.

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