Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Isaiah 40:18-22, 41:5-7, 44:9, 18-20, 45:20-22 Outline for 19 November

Here's an outline for this week's scripture. You can always click TM for the passage in The Message .

  • 40:18 To what can you compare God?
  • 40:19 An idol: different craftsmen make it and adorn it.
  • 40:20 For someone too poor for a fancy one, they look for wood that won't rot and for a good craftsman so the thing won't fall over.
  • 40:21 Do you still not understand?
  • 40:22 God is so huge. He sits on his throne above us, and we're like grasshoppers beneath him. He spreads the heavens to suit himself as his personal canopy or tent.
  • 41:5 Everyone has heard the Lord's challenge, to come to the God vs. idols contest, so they come.
  • 41:6 They encourage each other to be strong.
  • 41:7 The different craftsmen encourage each other as they make last minute adjustments to their idol. They nail it down so that it will not topple.
  • 44:9 Everyone who makes an idol is nothing; the things they love are worthless; anyone that takes up for them is blind and shamed by their own ignorance.
  • 44:18 These people know nothing. Their eyes don't work, being sealed shut, and their minds are the same way: closed, so that no truth can get in.
  • 44:19 None of these people has the power of mind to realize that they themselves constructed these idols out of the everyday things of their lives: half of this wood I burned for heat, I cooked over it. Am I now going to go against the living God and make another god out of the wood that is left, and then bow down to it and worship?
  • 44:20 Even though this person is feeding on ashes, his heart is so tricked and deluded that it prevents him from realizing. He can't save himself by saying, "Isn't this just a creation of mine? Isn't this just a lie?"
  • 45:20 All you people come and listen. People with idols are ignorant. People that pray to gods that cannot save are ignorant.
  • 45:21 Discuss this among yourselves. Who predicted this a long, long time ago? It was I, the LORD. There's no one like me, no God but me, your savior.
  • 45:22 Turn to me, and be saved. I'm your only chance.

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