Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Isaiah 55:1-13 Outline for Sunday 26 November

Here's an outline for this week's scripture. You can always click TM for the passage in The Message .

  • 1 If you're thirsty, come here. If you have no money for food, come here. You can get what you need here for free.
  • 2 Why spend money on things that don't feed you? All the things you need are found here. They're very good.
  • 3 Listen to me, and come here. Life is here. I promise my love to you like I promised to David.
  • 4 Not only was David great at leading the people, he was also a great example.
  • 5 You will have unbelievable things to do, and people will come to you in unbelievable ways, all because of the Lord's annointing you, or painting you, with a bit of himself.
  • 6 Seek the Lord now, while the notion is still with you. You have no guarantee that you will be able to find him later. The problem will be with you, not him. Strike while the iron is hot.
  • 7 If you're on the outs with God, turn to him, and he will receive you as he forgives you.
  • 8 "This might not seem likely or make much sense," says the Lord, "but then, you're not me."
  • 9 "My ways are way higher than your ways."
  • 10 "Just like the rain and snow come down, and don't evaporate back up to heaven without first watering the earth,"
  • 11 "that's how it is with what I say. My words don't return to me empty, but get done what I wanted to get done."
  • 12 "So you'll be seriously happy, heavy joy, and with perfect peace. Even nature will be transformed, a lasting monument to me, living evidence."

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