Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quick Look: Ephesians 4:11-24

  • (11)...this gives the structure (generally speaking) of the whole church
  • (12)...what's it for? for equipping and edifying
  • (13)...UNTIL we're unified and Christ-like
  • (14)...the time is over for being a child
    1. what's being a child? being tossed to and fro and carried about (away) by:
      1. doctrine
      2. trickery
  • (15)...let's try a couple of things:
    1. speaking the truth in love - this might be as simple as being honest with ourselves
    2. grow up into Christ-likeness
  • (16)...that brings about health in the body of Christ
  • (17) longer walk in the futility of your mind (the way things seem to you)
  • (18)'s what happens to those people (walking in the futility of their mind):
    1. their understanding is darkened
    2. they are isolated from life in God
      1. why? because isolated from God, they're left with inadequate resources
  • (19)...past feeling = past hearing from God at this point and therefore have given themselves into all kinds of bad practice
  • (20)...but that's not how you learned/experienced Christ
    1. i say "experienced" because learned = what you have come to know, and to know is to experience...
  • (21)...if you're actually in the club, you'll know to:
  • (22)...put off (take off, like a jacket) the old man
    1. what's the deal with the old man? he's subject to the law of entropy... he grows corrupt
      1. corrupt could equal disfigured - computer programs that get screwed up and no longer function correctly are said to be corrupted
      2. how does he grow corrupt? the deceitful lusts... that means following these misinformed notions that people are subject to
  • (23)...and reboot your brain
  • (24)...and put on (like a jacket) the new man, which is to imitate Christ...

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