Thursday, March 15, 2007

Possible reasons you're not hearing

Why aren't you hearing the voice of the Shepherd, or why isn't your radio tuned into KSHP – Radio Jesus? Maybe He's being quiet right now.

Go to Exodus 2 and 3 (TM) and do the math. Moses was in Pharaoh's court for 40 years, then he killed that dude and had to run off to Midian for 40 years, where he married and had two sons. At the end of that time, he's leading a flock of sheep on the backside of the desert. . . and that's where he saw the burning bush. The last 40 years of his life were spent leading the Israelites. (Acts 7:23-36) (TM)

The backside of the desert! We hear preachers talk about the backside of the desert. It's a powerful image, far removed from civilization, completely deprived of so many creature comforts. And there's nobody to talk to, and no one talking to you.

But God had put Moses there for a reason. We don't know exactly what reason, but a couple come to mind. 1) He needed time off to recover from killing someone. 2) He needed time to mature by being a shepherd, a husband, a father, even a stranger in a strange land.

In the New Testament, we see Jesus driven (TM) out into the desert by the Holy Spirit, no less, for 40 days of fasting and preparation at the front end of his ministry. So, if you feel like you're not hearing God's voice, it might be that he's got you in a time of preparation, that he's getting you ready for your greatest service yet. Three more possible reasons later.

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Brian said...

I read your comment on Tony Jones blog and I resonated a lot with what you said. I had actually blogged the day before about some thoughts I had on the subject you commented on. If you have time read the blog entitled What I believe about truth and God. Here is my site link to that blog only, but hopefully you can figure it out if it won't pick up the link in your comments section.