Friday, March 09, 2007

Cultural distance

Alan Hirsch has a fine post in which he posits the exact thing Robby and I have been talking about lately.

We're at New Century, slurping away at our Egg Drop soup, talking about small groups and problematic Sunday mornings and the possibility of doing something on, say, Thursday evenings.

"We could meet at Andy's or something," I say, crunching on some bell pepper, wishing I could have a spring roll (too many carbs).

"Dude," says Robby, "what if some of the couples were willing to have it in their house maybe once a month or so? You'd have the added possibility of reaching unchurched people in each of their neighborhoods." He punctuated the remark by biting into his spring roll.

This is exactly what Hirschy is talking about, when he's going on about cultural distance and the like. In our little corner of the world, just going into a church building is a cultural barrier for a lot of unchurched folk, and then, getting into the vehicle to go somewhere unfamiliar is another. So the idea of bringing the small group right into people's neighborhood is an attractive one, if any of you guys feel like that might be a possibility for you. We'll talk about it more, later.

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