Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Symptomatic 2

Text: Exodus 19:12-13, 21-25 20:18-19

The need to be careful became the excuse for what? For not getting in any deeper. And make no mistake about it, drawing close to God is deep water. Very deep water, the kind that can swamp you, overwhelm you. The kind of water that washes away not just your mistakes or your past, but even your (flawed) sense of self.

Here's what happened: the children of Israel flinched. And that's cool; almost everyone flinches. But they didn't just flinch; they withdrew. Backed up, fled, whatever. They evacuated that place of intersection where the Divine was getting all set up to touch the common, to render it ... abundant. In chapter 20 they tell Moses, "We'll listen to you. Go find out what we're supposed to do and we'll do it. But we don't want to hear directly from God. It'll kill us!"

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